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avatar for Aoki Hiroyuki

Aoki Hiroyuki

Tenshinkai | Tenshintaido | Tenshin Calligraphy School
Director, Founder, President
avatar for Yuri Kageyama

Yuri Kageyama

Award-winning Filmmaker | Poet
avatar for Adv Thoko Majokweni

Adv Thoko Majokweni

South Africa
Ambassador to Swaziland
avatar for Jackie F. Steele

Jackie F. Steele

enjoi Diversity & Innovation Consulting
avatar for Moritz Baier-Lentz

Moritz Baier-Lentz

Partner at BITKRAFT, a VC fund for gaming and esports
Athlete In Action at World Marathon Challenge
avatar for Stefan Cibian

Stefan Cibian

Făgăraș Research Institute
Executive Director
avatar for Sham AlBdour

Sham AlBdour

Sakura Games
Co-founder and 3d Artist
avatar for Michelle Holliday

Michelle Holliday

Maven, Author
avatar for Bishop John Rucyahana

Bishop John Rucyahana

National Unity and Reconciliation Commission | Bridge 2 Rwanda
Chairman | Co-Founder
avatar for Chie Murakami

Chie Murakami

Diamonds for Peace
avatar for Yan Fan

Yan Fan

Code Chrysalis
Co-Founder & CTO
avatar for Jennifer Kaahwa

Jennifer Kaahwa

International Health System Strenghtening
avatar for Akiko Domoto

Akiko Domoto

Japan Women’s Network for Disaster Risk Reduction
avatar for Daiara Figueroa

Daiara Figueroa

Radio Yandê
Artist, Activist, Journalist
avatar for Melanie St.James

Melanie St.James

Empowerment Works
Chief Inspiration Officer / Executive Director
avatar for Rika Nakazawa

Rika Nakazawa

BoardSeatMeet, Inc
Founder & CEO
avatar for Kimberly Carlisle

Kimberly Carlisle

OLY 1980 Swimming Team, Between Waters Media, Flag Ranch, a horse/human sanctuary
#AthleteInAction, Writer & Filmmaker. Chief Steward
avatar for Lydia Violet (California/Iran)

Lydia Violet (California/Iran)

Music As Medicine Project (MAM)
Creator, Lifelong Musician, Singer, #ArtistInAction
avatar for Tabitha Mpamira

Tabitha Mpamira

EDJA Program
Founder and Director
avatar for Anne McDonald

Anne McDonald

UN Food and Agriculture Organization GIAHS Scientific Committee Member
Author & Ethnologist
avatar for Amy Seidman

Amy Seidman

Noble Profit | BFLO
CEO, femme founder, digital media and technology weaver Message
avatar for Caven Cade Mitchell

Caven Cade Mitchell

SIVENTH | Dev Japan & Design Japan
avatar for Prof. Suad Sualaiman

Prof. Suad Sualaiman

Sudanese National Academy of Sciences
Health & Environment Adviser
avatar for Charles Altekruse

Charles Altekruse

Passing the Torch | USA
Founder | Olympian. Congressional Gold Medal
avatar for Tomoko Motizuki-Yoshida

Tomoko Motizuki-Yoshida

Tenshinkai, Karadaza
Kenbu Tenshin Ryu Senior Instructor
avatar for Ted Schulman

Ted Schulman

Coherence Software
Founder, Managing Partner
avatar for Laquelle Mari

Laquelle Mari

The Good Network | The Global Summit
MC & Co-Producer
avatar for Marc Thibault

Marc Thibault

Ideal Convergence
avatar for Rodrigo Arantes

Rodrigo Arantes

Instituto #AJOGADA
Founder | Game Designer
avatar for Tez Steinberg

Tez Steinberg

United World Challenge | #Learning4Life
Chief Engine Officer | Athlete In Action
avatar for Jana AlBdour

Jana AlBdour

Sakura Games
Co-Founder and Unity game developer
avatar for Tom Llewellyn

Tom Llewellyn

Strategic Partnerships Director
avatar for Ross Hall

Ross Hall

The Weaving Lab
avatar for Suzanne Bowles

Suzanne Bowles

Cattail Strategy
Chief Strategist
avatar for Wiki Walker

Wiki Walker

tribal member
avatar for George Cummings

George Cummings

UN SDG14 Oceans
SDG14 Ocean Ambassador
avatar for Josh Grisdale

Josh Grisdale

Accessible Japan
avatar for Jalen Gildersleeve

Jalen Gildersleeve

Wiase Research
avatar for Mana Tanaka

Mana Tanaka

Munakata Foundation
avatar for Kanyon Sayers-Roods

Kanyon Sayers-Roods

Costanoan Ohlone-Mutsun and Chumash
Coyote Woman
avatar for Juan Ricardo Gómez

Juan Ricardo Gómez

Ecology and Territory Department-School of Environmental and Rural Studies Javeriana University
Wildlife Biologist and Conservationist. MSc. in Wildlife Management...
avatar for Vincent Lee

Vincent Lee

Father Missed His Plane
avatar for Godfrey Ochieng Okumu

Godfrey Ochieng Okumu

Tostan International
Program Officer
avatar for Bob Stilger

Bob Stilger

New Stories
avatar for Anshu Gupta

Anshu Gupta

avatar for Lucian Tarnowski

Lucian Tarnowski

Civana and the Unified Planet
Founding Curator and Executive Director
avatar for Jaymin J. Patel

Jaymin J. Patel

Global Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author of 8 books
avatar for Dr. Tareq Rasheed

Dr. Tareq Rasheed

United Nations | The Global Summit
Leadership Trainer, Engineering PhD
avatar for Pele Voncujovi

Pele Voncujovi

avatar for Emily Larcombe

Emily Larcombe

Invisible Languages: Okinawa
avatar for Rose Maruru

Rose Maruru

avatar for Katia, the Cat

Katia, the Cat

The Global Summit
Script Superviser | #AnimalInAction
avatar for Elchung G. Hideyos

Elchung G. Hideyos

Sophia University / Ebiil Society, Inc.
Graduate Student / Youth Conservation Ambassador
avatar for Jake Stika

Jake Stika

Next Gen Men
Executive Director
avatar for Dr. Joy Masuhara

Dr. Joy Masuhara

Women Transforming Cities International Society

Sanda Ai

Japan Co-Cre (Cocreation) Movement
avatar for Jerry Ashton

Jerry Ashton

RIP Medical Debt
Co-Founder and Director of Education & Engagement
avatar for Dayne Buddo

Dayne Buddo

Bay Academy – Bay Ecotarium, California USA
avatar for Alisa Gus

Alisa Gus


Kamura Kenshu

Homes VI in Kyoto
Founder | Professor
avatar for Daniel Lavelle

Daniel Lavelle

Survival International
US Director
avatar for Jolene Ren

Jolene Ren

The Global Summit
Moderator | Media Maven
avatar for Jose Luis Sanchez

Jose Luis Sanchez

Catalyst Action Training (CAT)
#OneOcean #Catalyst
avatar for Yoshiaki Tago

Yoshiaki Tago

Movie Director

Nomura Takahiko

FutureSessions and Slow Innovation
avatar for Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams

PGM ONE / Regenerate Change
Facilitator, Co-Leader, Decolonizer, Abolitionist
avatar for Tanja Bach

Tanja Bach

Facilitator and Executive Coach
CEO, Contents Bridge KK
avatar for Kate Lee Emerald

Kate Lee Emerald

Life Of Emerald
avatar for Dr Gordana Kierans

Dr Gordana Kierans

Managing Partner
avatar for Joy Masuhara

Joy Masuhara

Women Transforming Cities
avatar for Marika Morris

Marika Morris

Marika Morris Consulting
avatar for Andrew O'Brien

Andrew O'Brien

Diversity Dojo
avatar for Ashok Raj Pandey

Ashok Raj Pandey

Hamro Doctor
Founder | Director
avatar for Sarajean Rossitto

Sarajean Rossitto

Delta International Consulting
Social Impact Consultant, Managing Director
avatar for Carlos  Hernandez Topete

Carlos Hernandez Topete

Fundación En Vía
Founder and Executive Director
avatar for Edvard Vondra

Edvard Vondra

Personal Branding Consultant


avatar for Getnet Aseffa

Getnet Aseffa

iCog Labs
avatar for James Hanusa

James Hanusa

Renaissance Reboot | The Global Summit
Minister of Culture
avatar for Miyoko Schinner

Miyoko Schinner

avatar for Shen Tong

Shen Tong

Future Food
Managing Partner