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Seoul, Korea
Kate Lee ‘Emerald’ is a healer, storyteller, and life clarity consultant from Seoul, South Korea. She is the founder of Life Of Emerald, an online studio sharing content on ancient wisdom, spirituality, and world cultures via conscious media around the world. Global Healing Movement 2030 is dedicating to mental health advocacy. Sacred Healing Summit dialogues with society about the ‘elephant’ in the room together with World Class leaders in psychology, business, governance, medicine, and spirituality.  

Currently, Life Of Emerald is incubating in a Stanford GSB startup ecosystem. Our goal is to help people speak about emotions in a constructive, healthy, and safe way in a mindful online community.

Her educational background includes psychology, international education, business, urban planning, philosophy, astrology, mindfulness meditation, and divination. She loves studying, walking in nature, playing with dogs, and teaching while traveling the world. A humanitarian at heart, she aims to guide people by living an exemplary life based on the principles of love, authenticity, truth, and spiritual practices. Kate has 14 years of teaching experience including educating STEM college graduates sponsored by the South Korean government.

Kate’s ideal clients are individuals who are in charge of making important decisions that influence many lives within organizations, small and large corporations, non-profits sectors, and celebrities. She helps guide them to make mindful decisions that will powerfully change the world.

Her ancestors are kings of South Korea of the Joseon dynasty (1392-1897 AD) and the scholars of the Nobel class in the Shilla dynasty (57 BC -935 AD). The goal is world-class leadership in 2020.
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