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Aoki Hiroyuki

Tenshinkai | Tenshintaido | Tenshin Calligraphy School
Director, Founder, President
Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan
Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1936, Sensei, Aoki Hiroyuki served as Karate club captain at Chuo University, where he received his B.A. in Law.  He studied Japan Karatedo under Master Egami Shigeru and rose to the highest rank but turned down his belt.

In the 1960's, Aoki-san created 新体道 Shintaido (now renamed to 天真体道 Tenshintaido), a modern body movement system for body and mind development based in Judo, Karatedo, and Aiki Jujutsu.  He then created a complete system of Japanese 棒術 Bojutsu (Stick Fighting) that is spread worldwide today and is also known internationally as the instigator of the Ki (Chi) boom.

In 2010, he established 天真会 Tenshinkai (General Incorporated Foundation) and founded 剣武天真流 Kenbu Tenshin Ryu, an art of the sword-based in Tenshintaido principals, as a compilation of his life as a martial artist. Kenbu Tenshin Ryu is a form of sword practice that seeks the Tao through cultivating health and wellness, elevating our consciousness, and connecting the heavens, earth, people, and self as one in a harmonious relationship. Kenbu Tenshin Ryu techniques and forms are an expression of peace and love to purify the world and realize a harmonious world. 

He is also a Calligrapher and President of Tenshin Calligraphy School (pseudonym: Aoki Tengai).

Aoki established 3H Scholarship (now renamed to NPO Tenshinkai Tenshin Scholarship) in 1991 and to the present date, he continues to provide educational support for children living in poverty in Asia.

In May 2011, "Team Tenshin" was formed by Tenshinkai volunteer members to support the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

He is currently Director of Tenshinkai (General Incorporated Foundation), Kenbu Tenshin Ryu Founder, Tenshin Calligraphy School President, NPO Shintaido Honorary Chairman, and directs the following schools and classes in Tokyo:  Kenbu Tenshin Ryu (art of the sword), Tenshin Shoho Juku (calligraphy school), and Aoki Method (meditation class)

Now 82 years old, Master Aoki lives between Tokyo and Yokohama. In 2018 he was featured as one of 12 indigenous masters in the film, The Twelve, (watch it here).
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