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Jerry Ashton

RIP Medical Debt
Co-Founder and Director of Education & Engagement
New York, NY
It took two former bill collectors to pull this off – the creation of a nonprofit dedicated to locating, buying – and then abolishing – personal medical debt.

The original goal was to raise over $14M and then go to the debt buyer/seller market to purchase $1,000,000,000 (yes, BILLION) dollars in physician and hospital bills - and then abolish that debt. Forever. For Good. No more bill collectors on the phone.

That grand ambition did not frighten people from joining with us - concerned citizens which include high schoolers (Pensacola Debt Sharks) who raised enough to abolish over $2M in unpaid medical debt as well as nurses (Both the Minnesota and the Michigan Nurses association) whose members donated enough to see almost $4M in this debt paid off in their states. Does any contribution help? $1 will buy $100 in debt; $100 will buy $10,000 in debt, and so on. Visit www.RIPMedicalDebt.org for more details.

As a nonprofit, this can only happen with financial and community help. Please visit our website for details. www.RIPMedicalDebt.org.
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